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It’s simple. As your partner in digital marketing, my commitment is to ELEVATE your web presence while staying TRUE TO YOUR BRAND. No matter the marketing platform— web, email, social, mobile— your story must be cohesive or it won’t have an impact.

Here’s a common example from some of my music clients. They have a new record set to be released, but they need help promoting it online in order to generate album sales and to book (even local) tour dates. They may already have an established audience, an old list of emails or a respectable number of followers on social media, but often those relationships haven’t been well-maintained. Some nurturing will be required in order for a digital marketing campaign to be meaningful.

These clients will often have new photography and artwork to package their new music. These assets could easily be adapted for use on their web site, for use in email/social media campaigns, and even on a mobile app! In every case, my goal is to create a product that’s engaging, polished, and effective— all while remaining true to the original.

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