Rami Jaffee (The Wallflowers, Foo Fighters)
Rami Jaffee (The Wallflowers, Foo Fighters) Musician, Producer
Heidi is the only person I’d trust with a website!  She has a talent for capturing what the site needs to be without the excess you see elsewhere.
Marc Dauer (Jukebox Junkies, Trampoline Records)
Marc Dauer (Jukebox Junkies, Trampoline Records) Musician, Producer
Heidi’s attention to detail combined with her technical savvy and artistic instincts make her a well rounded designer, who can tackle any project thrown her way. I would highly recommend her to any company or individual looking for a cutting edge web site.
Simon Petty (Minibar)
Simon Petty (Minibar) Musician
This is the best-looking band site I’ve ever seen. It’s functional, easy to use, informative, user-friendly and ruthlessly well maintained. I wish my band were lucky enough to have Heidi’s genius at their disposal.

Seth Rothschild (Gingersol)
Seth Rothschild (Gingersol) Musician
Heidi did an amazing job with the site. She streamlined what was once cumbersome, making the site easy to navigate, while retaining all of it’s former content. She also made it look great…very artistic.
Andy If
Andy If Musician
Heidi is a true artist. The web designs she has done for me are effective, well thought out, and beautifully reflect the design elements of my cds. She handles each project in an efficient and business like manner, and handles update requests remarkably quickly. I would never hesitate to recommend her for any project of any size or complexity.

Malcolm Cross (Minibar, Morello, The Olms)
Malcolm Cross (Minibar, Morello, The Olms) Musician
Once again, Hei Fidelity has delivered; a superb, highly individual smooth running website with all the trimmings. Talk about attention to detail! Like Stevie Wonder once said, ‘I’m more than happy girl, I’m satisfied.
Julianna Raye
Julianna Raye Musician
Heidi was entirely responsible for the website’s design and layout. I think she did an amazing job. She was also incredibly professional and reliable. All in all a pleasure to recommend her.
Elaine Summers (Pete Droge & the Sinners)
Elaine Summers (Pete Droge & the Sinners) Musician, Artist
Hei Fidelity was able to create the website I wanted, one that was user friendly and good looking.